TradeShowService - Your international fair companion

Trade Show Service - We are always on site for our trade show clients.

TradeShowService is cooperation between two companies on two different continents. We are specialized in different marketing services which brings a lot of benefits for you as our client:

You have a professional contact person to all your questions about trade shows.
You get competent supervision on both sides of the Atlantic.
You can concentrate on your success for the trade show.

TradeShowService is a cooperation between OM-Support and Z MEDIA .

Messe-Service aus den USA / NordamerikaOM-Support

OM-Support is a service agency for corporate organisation and management with location near Charlotte, North Carolina. The owner Jana Guerster is German with international business experience for many years. She supports international companies with there US trade shows.

TradeShowService - Jana Guerster

OM-Support is on site and your contact for your complete trade show organization. Included in this service are the detailed prearrangements for your event appearance in close contact with Z MEDIA, also the personal supervision during and after the show. We take care of foreign activities.

Jana Guerster
Owner / President, OM-Support

The complete company profile of OM-Support you can find at

Messe-Service aus Deutschland / EuropaZ MEDIA

Z MEDIA is an agency for corporate communications and public relations with location near the capital of Germany, Berlin. Since 1996 Oliver M. Zielinski, owner and president of the company serves midsize companies with there needs in public relation affairs.

TradeShowService - Oliver M. Zielinski

In Europe Z MEDIA will be your first contact for all your inquieries. We will collect all your requests, wishes and ideas, communicate with our US partner OM-Support and present you than a solid trade show concept. In addition we are also responsible for your complete PR around your trade show appearance.

Oliver M. Zielinski
Owner / President, Z MEDIA · Corporate Communications

The complete company profile of Z MEDIA you can find at

TradeShowService is a service of OM-Support and Z MEDIA.

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